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Art from the heart.

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Gold Stale Lips Echos

Gold is the blazing sun that coddles all reality

It is a stale reality that basks in the backfields of my heart

The lips of the weak crack ever so briskly

Echos are echoing and can never be put to rest

Mother Dreams Wander Story

The devils mother is the keeper of the sworn sweltering scorching underworld

Dreams are the flaky wishes that never come about

I wander to school to locker 666 and the enraged engorged sprit takes me

This is a story whereupon the damaged child is met with sin

Red Tree Rhythm Rock

Red is the sour residue that eradicates the vivacious corpse

The tree sings and dances to the pessimistic beat

It's a rhythm that soothes the listener to a silent night

My rock is jagged from the beating pulse of the living

Photos Name Speak Suffer

I suffer in these trying times we call life

The names that echo in the gallows are bleak

Photos splatter in the vivid eccentric sun

We all speak until the day is done

Wind Laugh Streams Breath

Streams of blood tickle my being

Laugh is non existent when terror is pressent

The wind bellows inside the dull corridor

My breath sticks like the fearless ruthless endeavor I partake

Fears Accept Survive Hard

Survive is the essence of human nature

It is hard to cry and whisper through the leaves

We need to accept the soul of the innocent

The fears are timid but not alone

Kiss Send Change Dawn

Dawn has escaped through the passionate abyss

We send the hunger of human nature to blossom

Kiss the pedals of the cascading foliage

It is time to change the aching times

Color Mouse Touch Chair

My inner touch is vacant and vast in the morning dew

The color of all colors whisks the naked sky into a fog

It is with touch the once bubbly sun rise reaches out its hand to say hello

We all soar into the chair that remains stable

Sustain School Milk Rainbow

We view the rainbow as a kiss from spirits past

In school the guffaw's once pictured are now dying

In order to sustain the hopes of the lost, all tragedy remain at bay

Suckling the milk of once was is now destroyed

Fan Courage Horse Fruit

Horses are the nomads that trudge through the sunset

My courage cowers painfully without a sight

Who is a fan of a colorless mindless empty sack of dreams

Chewing on the fruit of Mother Earth is our only salvation

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